ALL INDIA SHAH BEHRAM BAUG SOCIETY (for Scientific & Educational Research) was granted Special Consultative Status with the UNITED NATIONS ECOSOC in May 2004. The acronym is S. B. B. S. /Zoroastrian College
Through the educational activities this NGO promotes the objectives of the United Nations. Some of the ways in which it does this work are indicated below:
1 PEACE KEEPING – Through the Interfaith Dialogue Dept. of Zoroastrian College the NGO organises conferences for persons of different religions and communities to meet, share and solve situations amicably and peacefully. NGO President served as Trustee at-large on the Global Council of the United Religions Initiative(USA based); was conferred Hollister Award by Temple of Understanding(2012) in NY, USA; and currently is President of World Fellowship of Inter Religious Councils(Kerala, India) and serves on the committees of several Interfaith organizations in India and other countries.
2. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – Through best WATER PURIFICATION technology of Kazakh scientist Prof. Dr. Victor Inyushin, this NGO can provide clean drinking water to solve the potable water problem for people in several countries; also for rural village populations, clean well water preventing malaria, cholera, dysentery and water borne diseases.
3. HEALTH – Both education and practical methods of preventive health care using Alternative and Complementary medicine methods, to improve the level of health of people, especially in developing and third world countries. Also by organizing 28 Annual World Congresses between 1986 and 2014 in Mumbai India and participating in over 50 Congresses in other countries. SEE THESIS LIST
4. FOOD/WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT – Through teaching methods of increased food production to farming women in rural areas; and improved nutrition methods using low cost food.
5. EDUCATION – Providing facilities to persons from all countries without discrimination of age, sex, colour, religion, caste, creed to enrol for higher education through SUBMITTING ORIGINAL RESEARCH, resulting in a NEW DISCOVERY which is for the UNIVERSAL BENEFIT OF HUMANITY.(SEE THESIS LIST )